Coastal Plains Dragway
March 24th & 25th

2012 Race Schedule

November 19th: Coastal Plains Dragway (2011)

March 24th & 25th: Coastal Plains Dragway

April 7th: Virginia Motorsports Park
April 21st: Dunn Benson Dragstrip
April 28th: The New Farmington Dragway 

May 19th: Dunn Benson Dragstrip
May 26th: Shadyside Dragway

June 16th: Dunn Benson Dragstrip
June 30th: Coastal Plains Dragway

July 14th: The New Farmington Dragway
July 21st: Dunn Benson Dragstrip

August 11th: Virginia Motorsports Park
August 18th: Dunn Benson Dragstrip

September 15th: Dunn Benson Dragstrip
September 22nd: The New Farmington Dragway

October 6th: Virginia Motorsports Park
October 19th & 20th: Dunn Benson Dragstrip (EOPM Nationals)*

November 17th: Coastal Plains Dragway**

Schedule is subject to change.

*Driver must compete in at least one event to be eligible to run at the EOPM Nationals

**First race of the 2013 Race Season